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          Jiangsu EDISON Education Development CO., LTD, situated on the famous ¡°Zhujiang Road Electronics Street¡± in Nanjing, is a joint-stock company specializes in educational services. Currently it has two R&D centers in Nanjing and Shanghai city, and has established or will establish sales agencies in many other cities of China. With a registered capital of 5 million Yuan, it is mainly engaged in educational counseling and investment, the marketing and manufacturing of teaching apparatus, office supplies, electrical and electronic products (to the exclusion of items requiring national special examination and approval), as well as the R&D, sale, maintenance and technological service of educational softwares.

          Edison Company, established in March, 2007, is an uprising latecomer in the domestic field of digital exploratory experimental products. Luckily, with a team of hardware and software engineers bearing the earliest working experience with SCM and embedded development and teaching experts of science, Edison has achieved great-leap-forward success in product development with little detours. From raw material purchasing and processing technology, to circuit and appearance design, from software planning and products packaging, to technical training and after-sale service in every chain EDIS series products keep firmly its promises of ¡°quality first, customer first¡±, striving to win 100% satisfaction form all school users.

          Edison Company is founded by a group of promising youth with broad horizons and lofty aspirations. Being well-educated and eager to dedicate their intelligence and strength to educational modernization, they have in-depth knowledge on the famous statement of ¡°Science and technology constitute a primary productive force¡±. They hold that only innovative talents with a good mastery of high-tech could promote the great development of productivity and society and hold sway in the increasingly fierce international competition. The competition for talents is, in essence, the competition for education, which in turn, bears close relationship with educational equipments and resources.

          The digital exploratory experiment system has been put into application in developed countries for more than ten years. Developing with increasing speed and maturity, currently it has become a new focus in the field of modern scientific educational technology in China. Therefore, Edison Company has followed the international trend through continuous assimilation of advanced technology from developed countries. As a latecomer in the field though, Edison hold sway over its rivals in terms of maintaining the advancement and adaptability of products. It leads the technological development in this field, products generally meeting the international standards.

          Time differentiates the real winner, the same way as distance tests a horse's stamina. With a firm belief that science and technology constitute a primary productive force as well as the core competitiveness, Edison team strives unswervingly and courageously with its intelligence and enthusiasm to build a national brand of digital experiments in China. ¡°Superior quality, faithful service, persistent working, educational service¡± is our cultural declaration as well as operation guidelines. Not being a forerunner though, we are striving to become an uprising star with promising future in this field. Meanwhile, Edison is looking forward to working together with more like-minded companions to dedicate our intelligence and strength to the cause of world education.

      Home | About Us | Product Center | Solution | Subject | Technical Support | Test case | Download | Contact us
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