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      · What is the difference between zeroing and calibration? How to operate? [2010-02-10]
      · How to display several results simultaneously in the same picture? [2010-02-10]
      · How to set up the functional relation between new added column and the previous column? [2010-02-10]
      · What is fitting? How to fit? [2010-02-10]
      · How to select sensor¡¯s range? [2010-02-10]
      · What are the powerful functions of the form? [2010-02-10]
      · How to view graphs? [2010-02-10]
      · How to understand the three kinds of acquisition mode in the acquisition parameters? [2010-02-10]
      · How to save the file? [2010-02-10]
      · What is the value of experimental template? [2010-02-10]
      · What distinguishing features do EDISLAB have? [2010-02-10]
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