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              EDIS was established by a group of mid-aged and young talents who have received fairly good education. With broad vision and great foresight, they are determined to contribute to the education reform in China today. Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of China's reform and opening-up, once remarked: ¡°Science and technology constitute the primary productive force¡±. As to this assertion, they have formed their own deep understanding. They believe that it is ultimately the people featured with innovation spirit and equipped with knowledge of high technology that will promote the development of society and finally prevail over the increasingly competitive international market. The competition for talents is, in essence, the competition for education, which in turn, bears close relationship with educational equipments and resources.
              ¡°Superior quality, faithful service, persistent working, educational service¡±. These slogans are our cultural declaration as well as operation rules. We may not be the most impressive one at the beginning, but we are sure to be the most promising one as it turns out. Meanwhile, we are willing to work together with people sharing the same goal to make contribution to the cause of world education.
              Superior quality: product quality and service level are the lifeline of every enterprise. Yet in the real world, some people lay so much emphasis on sales strategies and public relations that they totally neglect the importance of improving product quality and service. EDIS, being fully aware of this problem, has made proper arrangements to ensure the best service and quality. Since its establishment, EDIS considers the technology development as the driving force of the company, and service level as the guarantee of the company¡¯s existence. Therefore, the policy of income distribution gives considerable priority to the department of R&D and customer service with an aim to maintain the stability and enthusiasm of related teams. Besides, we pay great attention to exchange opinions with teachers and students and inquire their ideas on educational service so as to ensure the adaptability and advancement of our product. Moreover, we never forget to draw lessons from rival companies in order to promote the technological development in this field. In addition, we follow tightly with the international trend by referring to the product and technology of developed countries, with an aim to build EDIS into a world famous brand.
          Faithful service: Honesty is the basis of every successful business. Since we are providing services to schools, teachers and students, we should do more to honor credibility and oppose cheating. Therefore, the whole EDISON staff follows the principle: ¡°promises must be kept and action resolute¡± and attempts to establish a splendid brand image by their actions.
              Persistent working: A famous saying goes like this, ¡°the strength of a horse is tested by the distance traveled¡±. Likewise, we are clear about the importance of sustainable development in a company¡¯s operation. Since we aim to build EDIS into a world famous brand of educational equipment and services, we will certainly prevent the short term conduct and opportunistic behavior, which will undermine the further development of any enterprise. We will establish long-term relations with our customers and build permanent service archives in which all their opinions concerning the use of the product will be noted carefully. What we value most is to grow up together with our clients.
              Educational service: Having benefited a lot from Chinese education, we are eager to give back with our intelligence and wisdom. There are many different means to reciprocate, yet what¡¯s most urgent, as we perceived, is the modernization of educational equipments, teaching technologies as well as educational resources. Therefore, we have chosen this frequently neglected field as our standpoint and tried our best to provide the most excellent and varied products and services for education undertakings.

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